Tania Dimitrakopoulou


Tania Dimitrakopoulou was born in Athens. She studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Kingston University in the United Kingdom (1988-91), and continued with her postgraduate studies at City University in London (1991-93). In 1998 she was accepted as a student at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, graduating in 2003

Solo Exhibitions
May 2004 | Selini Gallery, Athens
May 2006 | Periple Gallery, Brussels
May 2006 | Skoufa Gallery, Athens
June 2007 | CK Gallery, Nicosia
October 2008 | Skoufa Gallery, Athens
May 2009 | Atrion Gallery, Salonika
June 2009 | Periple Gallery, Brussels
October 2010 | Palasso Pandolfini, Florence
November 2011| Tsichritzis Visual Arts Foundation
June 2013 | Hellenic Car Museum
May 2015 | Periple Gallery, Brussels
July 2015 | Marina Keas Gallery, Kea Gallery

The artist has also participated in numerous group shows in Greece and abroad, amongst them, “Birth Place”, organized by Alpha Trust at the Benaki Museum, “Experiencing Greece: travels through an enchanted landscape” organized by theGreek Tourist Boardin Beijing, “Ioannis Gennadius and hi World” at the Gennadius Library, “Tracing Istanbul” held at a the Sismanoglio Megaron in Istanbul and at the Theological School in Chalkis, 2011 and 2012 in “Art en Capital” at Grand PAlais, Paris, 2012 and 2013 in Art Beijing, at Beijing. April and May of 2013 collaborated with gallery Primo Piano Livingallery at Lecce, Italy. She participated in the EOT campaign promoting Greece. Many of her paintings can be found in important collections in Greece and abroad. Her work has also been held at auction for charity scopes.